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wood veneer processing

Passionate about wood veneer

Decospan creates beauty by processing natural wood veneer. Our company develops products based on this precious wood in a creative and sustainable manner. With our treasure chest of more than 160 wood species, our state-of-the-art machines, our sustainable business model and our flexible employees, we are able to develop new products that meet the needs of all stakeholders. Welcome to the wonderful world of Decospan.

Our wood veneers

5 wood species always quickly available, more than 150 others available on request

Wat is wood veneer?

Wood veneer is the finest expression of wood. Veneer is a thin layer of wood which is cut from a log. The main difference with solid wood is that solid wood is sawn from a log. This produces more waste than when cutting wood veneer. In other words, processing a log into veneer lets us maximize the added value that we can obtain from a log. No other natural product is able to offer this unique added value. Decospan has developed its activities entirely around this sustainable and exquisite raw material.

Wat is wood veneer?