What is Decoflex?

Decoflex is a jointed sheet of veneer that is extremely easy to work with. The jointed veneer sheet is first pressed onto paper. The wood fibres are then broken and finally it is also pre-sanded with a 150 grain. This gives us a flexible sheet of wood veneer. Applications: bended surfaces, edge bandings, doorframe veneers, pressing panels,...

Stock program

The STOCK PROGRAM (see table) is available in our plant in Belgium and can be shipped on a weekly basis by means of our shuttle service.

All other wood species or jointing techniques are also available in Decoflex. Also custom made products or exceptional formats with even a width of 1530 mm can be obtained on request As these products are made on order we need a delivery time of about 10 working days. Please take contact with a Decospan adviser.

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Quality guarantee

Quality guarantee

Decoflex always comes packaged like this. This is the only packaging that guarantees Decospan quality! When gluing the product, we strongly recommend that you follow our instructions closely. They can be found in every box and on our website