The Decospan family is passionate about wood and we try to pass on that passion to all our staff and everyone who is involved in our business.

Aiming for an integrated quality system

Our aim is to deliver quality, day in day out. That is only possible if everyone in the company works together. That is why we encourage all our staff to come up with ideas that will help us achieve our vision of only aiming for the best. For us, pursuing maximum quality is a multifacetted task, ranging from the key operational processes down to the last detail.

1. Quality in the products

Decospan aims to deliver high-quality products that satisfy the most stringent requirements set by our customers. That is why we are continually investing in the most modern machinery, storage systems, etc. Whenever we consider an investment, we ask ourselves, "Will this benefit our customers?"

2. Quality in the service

The key concept in our customer service is communication. Achieving the desired quality depends on proper communication, starting from the initial customer’s requirements down thru production. Our service naturally includes fast delivery times, a well-trained team and the speedy resolution of any complaints.

3. Quality in the work

Decospan seeks to create the optimum working environment - ergonomic controls for machinery, safe, comfortable working clothes, good secondary conditions and so on. All these things make the work less stressful. We also make substantial investments in workplace safety in order to prevent accidents.

Honesty and openness

Decospan is a reputable company that seeks to be fair in all its dealings with its partners. We don't hide problems, we prefer to be open about them and solve them. Our Pure Wood charter puts our fair procurement policy into practice, for instance, and we have nothing to hide in our production either. Indeed, we invite all our customers to take a look inside our production sites.


Decospan wants to be a company where people can develop themselves. We believe that everyone should get the opportunity to use and develop his or her talents. That is only possible if both employer and employee continuously invest in the relationship, where everyone can be entrepreneurial within the company itself. Decospan motivates its employees to be proactive to get the best out of ourselves.


Decospan treats its staff, customers, suppliers and all other stakeholders with respect. It also expects that respect to be mutual - in terms of materials, people and facilities.

Environmental awareness

Being environmentally aware is a very important part of our mission. Our pursuit of carbon neutrality is firmly based on both sound business as well as environmental reasons. Veneer is the foundation of all products at Decospan and given to us by the environment. By investing in the environment we invest in this fantastic natural resource and insure its use for future generations.

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